What kind of material do you use for your shirts?
Unless noted in the description, everything is 100% preshrunk, ring spun cotton.

How do I keep my gear looking fresh and clean? 
Well, as per the tags, the official line is as follows:

Washing: use cold water (max 30C or 90F)
Tumble drying: use low heat
Iron, steam or dry: use low heat
DO NOT dry clean!

However, from personal experience, having worn graphic t-shirts for *years*, a lot of us:
-turn graphic t-shirts inside out,
-wash graphic t-shirts with other graphic t-shirts,
-use the delicate cycle, and
-hang dry.

What are the measurements of your different shirt styles?
You can check out the measurements here.

What's the difference between fitted/athletic and unisex?
The women's fitted and men's athletic shirts have slightly different cuts vs the unisex design.  If you like a fit that's more relaxed and loose, the unisex is your jam.  If you'd like something that contours a bit more, the fitted/athletic cuts will be your go-to.

Do you ship internationally?
We sure do....as long as you check out using Paypal.   No exceptions.

I want to buy something and would like to ship it to a different address.  Is this cool?
For your protection as well as ours, at this time, we're not offering that as an option. Yunno....fraud and stuff.

I'd like to see my style car on one of your shirts.  Can you do that?
We will definitely be building out the garage, so chances are, you'll eventually see your model there.  We don't necessarily have a production order, so feel free to reach out; you never know what might happen!

I have another question....
We might have an answer