Privacy Plate FAQ

What font is used for the vinyl graphic?

Currently we're using the Impact font.

What brand of vinyl is used for the standard colors?
For our standard colors, we use Oracal 641 and 651 series vinyl.  The Oracal color codes are as follows:

651 colors
Orange, 036
Yellow, 025
Black, 070
Lime Green, 063
Pink, 041
Blue, 067
Red, 032
Grey, 076
Gold Metallic, 091
Silver Metallic, 090
Purple, 404

641 colors
Matte Black, 070M

What brand of vinyl is used for the Vinyl of the Month?
As we will be experimenting with different vinyls that offer different effects, the Vinyl of the Month will vary from month to month. 

Do you guys provide custom orders?
If you have a custom order, please contact us before ordering so that we can quote you.  A custom order is any order that requests a different vinyl manufacturer, color, and/or font than what is listed above.  

How long will it take to fulfill a custom request?
That depends.  If it’s a vinyl that we don’t stock, it will depend on the length of time it takes us to acquire it.  We try and place orders within 1 business day, but supply chain issues and delivery times are out of our control. Once in-house, cutting time is typically 2 business days.

What if I need multiple kits?  Can I order in bulk?
If you need 4 or more kits, please contact us for a quote so that we can combine shipping charges.

How far is the vanity plate offset from the license plate?
Once installed, there’s 6mm of clearance.  If your plate features raised lettering, it has been our experience that you have enough clearance to utilize the Privacy Plate.  If you’re using a license plate frame, and the license plate frame is more than 6mm thick, it is suggested that you remove the frame in order to utilize a Privacy Plate kit. 


Privacy Plates are assembled in the USA from parts made in Canada and China.